The Regenerative Viticulture App

Want to build ecology, profitability and beauty in your vineyard?


Yield Predictor

Create yield predictions for each block based on flower or bunch counts to support top management decisions. Visualise how your yield predictions progress as the season develops.

Ripeness Indicator

Enable better decisions in real time – immediately visualise how each block is ripening in the run up to harvest. Quickly compare how each block ripened in past years, supporting the estimation of harvest dates across your site.

The Regen Platform

Benchmark your results from the 10 Regen Indicators, and get tips and tricks from Nicole Masters on how to regenerate your soils.

Phenology Report

Explore key dates each season in different blocks to build up a clear picture of the phenology of your vines. Easily compare these dates and phenology patterns year on year.

Why Use Sectormentor?

Save time

Makes collecting data painless – no soggy notebooks, all you need is your phone, and it works offline!

Make informed decisions

Back up your decisions with reliable data from this year or past seasons

Keep everyone in the loop

Easily share results & insights with your team to keep everyone on the same page

Easy to use

Sectormentor is simple and easy to pick up – no faff!

Sectormentor helps you produce top quality grapes whilst minimising inputs & working with natural systems. Monitor your vines above & below ground, and glean useful insights from your data with a range of features.


Watch the Regenerative Viticulture Series

Watch our conversations with three world-leading practitioners – Nicole Masters, Ben Taylor-Davies and Dan Rinke – who are revolutionising our understanding of farming & applying their insights to vineyards.

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