Mimi Casteel & Abby Rose – The Regenerative Viticulture Series

Mimi Casteel & Abby Rose – The Regenerative Viticulture Series 600 600 Sectormentor

The Regenerative Viticulture Series

Mimi Casteel in conversation with Abby Rose

The Regenerative Viticulture Series has returned! We’ve collaborated with the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation to bring two new conversations with brilliant viticulturists, to discuss regenerative experiments on the vines – successes, failures & learnings along the way.

We’re excited to share the first conversation of the new season – the brilliant Mimi Casteel, vineyard manager & winemaker at Hope Well Wine in Oregon. Mimi grew up working on the vineyard and winery of her parents, Bethel Heights Vineyard. She studied forest science & worked as a botanist and ecologist for the US Forest Service, giving her a broad ecosystem perspective when working with viticulture. Mimi’s experiments at Hope Well are rooted in creating beautifully regenerative, biodiverse & resilient ecosystems with the vines.

The Regenerative Viticulture Series are a series of conversations hosted by Vidacycle in collaboration with the Regenerative Viticulture Foundation, with the aim of sharing the latest experimental thinking in building diversity, resilience & soil health on vineyard land.

At Vidacycle, we create simple tools for farmers & vineyards, supporting the use of observation to support regenerative practices – Sectormentor is the regenerative viticulture app!

The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation are a global non-profit organisation bringing together producers, scientists, educators, agricultural advisors and environmental organisations to share learnings and build up the data and resources required to enable viticulturists to make the transition from conventional or organic to a more biodiverse viticulture.