You can subscribe to Sectormentor on an annual or monthly basis.

Included in the price:

  • Have your own account, see & analyse all your data online and download numbers you need
  • Access powerful reports to help you and your team make more informed management decisions
  • Download the app on as many phones as you like, have as many users as you like
  • New features are always being added
  • Join our community members forum

What do you need:

  • Access to internet at office
  • NFC contactless tags for sample sites (optional)
  • Smartphone
    (secondhand is fine, does not require SIM card)
    iOS: iPhone 7 or later (running iOS 8+)
    Android: Android Phones (with NFC built in) e.g Sony Xperia L1


We aim to price Sectormentor so that it’s fair for all size farms.


  • 1 farm
  • Up to 10 acres
  • Up to 50 photos
  • Help Centre Support

Bronze +

  • 1 farm
  • Up to 30 acres
  • Up to 300 photos
  • Help Centre & Email Support


  • 1 farm
  • Up to 60 acres
  • Up to 500 photos
  • Help Centre & Email Support

Silver +

  • 1 farm
  • Up to 90 acres
  • Up to 1000 photos
  • Help Centre & Email Support


  • 1 farm
  • Up to 150 acres
  • Up to 2000 photos
  • Help Centre & Priority Email Support

Are you a bigger vineyard?

Is your vineyard over 150 acres? Contact us about per acre pricing.

Are you an organisation?

Offering vineyard management across multiple sites? Contact us about our organisation package.

Contact us for details

Prices from £23 or $35 per month (please ask for our pricing pdf to see setup fee and contactless tag options).