Yield Predictor

Easily add flower/bunch counts using the phone app, within minutes you can have your yield prediction for each block ready to use and make the best management decisions going forward. Visualise how your yield prediction is progressing as the season develops.

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Harvest Tracker

See how your yield is evolving as you harvest and how that compares to your predicted yield, all in real time. Compare yield/hectare (or acre) for each block.

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Ripeness Indicator

Enable better decisions in real time – immediately visualise how each block is ripening in the run up to harvest.
Quickly compare how each block ripened in past years, helping to determine expected harvest dates on a block-by-block basis.

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Vine Health Indicator

Easily observe trends in pruning weights, vine vigour and dead vines to monitor the health of each block. See pruning weight trends illustrated immediately to help adapt your management in different blocks and see issues years before they become visible.

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Phenology Tool

Explore key dates each season in different blocks to build up a clear picture of the phenology of your vines. Easily compare these dates year on year!

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Work Report

See how much time is being spent on different jobs around the vineyard. You can filter results by variety, clone, block, or rootstock, as well as seeing how long a task took per hectare or per vine.

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Swift data collection

Easily add observations on the go in the vineyard. Sync the app back at the office and everything is immediately visualised helping you to make decisions – no more searching through spreadsheets and notebooks.

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Soil Biology Tracker

Assess how healthy your soil is by digging holes in the vineyard. Experiment and assess inter-vine and under-vine management strategies.

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Map your vineyard

The maps make it easy to visualise your blocks and sample locations, and it’s easy for anyone in the team to go out and collect information.

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Import weather data

You can now upload your weather station data to Sectormentor, so you can visualise your GDD alongside key phenological dates.

Biodiversity Indicator

Observe all the life around – when are the beneficial insects around, are they more common in one area? Easily share key numbers with your team and customers to indicate the ecology in the vineyard.