Vineyard monitoring guide

What to monitor

Phenology dates

Flower counts

Bunch counts

Bunch weights

Titratable acid (TA) readings

Grape sugar readings


Pruning weights & cane weights

Number of dead or missing vines


Regen Indicators

What are the Regen Indicators?

How to set classifiers for the Regen Platform

Earthworm count

Soil Insect Score

Carbon Stocks (0-30cm)

Rhizosheath score

Nodulation of Legumes

Rooting depth

Infiltration rate

Slake test

% Bare soil

The Brix Barometer

Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS)

Sectormentor Reports

Yield Predictor

Create yield predictions for each block based on flower or bunch counts to support top management decisions. Visualise how your yield predictions progress as the season develops.

Ripeness Indicator

Enable better decisions in real time – immediately visualise how each block is ripening in the run up to harvest. Quickly compare how each block ripened in past years, supporting the estimation of harvest dates across your site.

Phenology Report

Explore key dates each season in different blocks to build up a clear picture of the phenology of your vines. Easily compare these dates and phenology patterns year on year.

Upload Lab Results

Upload your lab results to Sectormentor as a PDF, Excel or CSV file – so all your soil & sap lab results can be stored in Sectormentor – and kept in one place!

Vine Health Indicator

Easily observe trends in cane weights, vigour, short shoots & crop load to monitor vineyard health. Visualise pruning weight trends to support your management & identify potential issues early on.

Harvest Tracker

Watch your yield is evolving as you harvest, and see how that compares to your predicted yields in real time. Compare yield/hectare (or acre) across each of your block.

Work Report

See how much time is being spent on different jobs around the vineyard. You can filter results by variety, clone, block, or rootstock, as well as seeing how long a task took per hectare or per vine.

Weather Data

Upload your weather station data to Sectormentor, so you can visualise your GDD alongside key phenological dates. Get auto-integration for weather data from Sencrop or Trak365 stations.