Bunch weights

Recording an average bunch weight (kg/vine) at harvest is an important part of any yield prediction system. One important goal of recording bunch weight each year is not to predict the yield that year, but to provide an average bunch weight to help you get accurate yield predictions in future years. Keeping good bunch weight records will give you a better sense of the annual variation related to less favourable climatic conditions.

Sectormentor makes it easy to record the bunch weight from different vines in a block each year, and then determine an average bunch weight over time. The Sectormentor Yield Predictor Tool allows you to quickly make yield predictions for the year ahead taking into account your vineyard’s bunch weights. Learn more about the Yield Predictor Tool here.

What to record

Record average bunch weight

Make notes: Anything interesting you’ve noticed!



A smartphone (with Sectormentor downloaded)

A portable scale (we’ve found ‘hook’ scales work well!)

How to do the test

1. Head to the block where you want to find an average bunch weight, and select the same block in your Sectormentor app.

2. Select random bunches from random vines (many people pick some high, some medium and some low bunches to get a good range) and weigh them using your scale.

3. Record the weights in Sectormentor, alongside any relevant notes or photos for observation. Remember to ‘Sync’ when you’re finished using your phone!

4. Once back at a computer, use the ‘Trends’ section in Sectormentor to find the average bunch weight for each block you tested.

5. Add your average bunch counts per block to the Sectormentor Yield Predictor tool to improve the accuracy of future yield predictions.