Flower counts

Recording your flowers per vine in late Spring/early Summer allows you to make an early yield prediction. At this stage you’re working on an approximation, as a heavy hail storm or persistent rain can still affect your yield! However it’s good to do these estimates so you can start planning for a maximum predicted yield quite a few months before harvest.

Sectormentor makes it easy to enter your flower counts and immediately view your early yield prediction in the Yield Predictor Tool (learn more about this here).

What to record

Record flowers counts per vine

Make notes: Anything interesting you’ve noticed!



A smartphone (with Sectormentor downloaded)

How to do the test

1. Head to the sample bay (or block / vine) where you want to find an average flower count, and either scan the relevant RFID tag with your Sectormentor app, or click on the appropriate location in your app.

2. Count all flowers within the sample bay (or all bunches for the next 10-20 vines depending on your chosen sampling system), and enter this number in your Sectormentor app.

3. Divide your count total to find the average flowers per vine (this can be easily done within Sectormentor).

4. Add any relevant notes or photos alongside your flower counts to be viewed in the Sectormentor web app – and remember to ‘sync’ when you’re done using your phone!

4. Login to your Sectormentor web app dashboard and head to the Yield Predictor Tool to view your early yield prediction made from your recorded flower counts!