Phenology dates

By recording the date of bud burst, flowering, veraison, and harvest, you are better equipped to predict your harvest date – which is helpful when planning tank space among other things. If the flowering date is early then you are likely to have an early harvest, and you can get everything in place.

Recording these dates is easily done in Sectormentor when you are out in the vineyard, by selecting which block you are in, and selecting whichever event you want to record. If you want to record a date in the past, you can edit where it says ‘Today’ in the app, to whichever date you want to record.

Once back in the office, you can check out the activities you’ve just recorded in the Phenology Tool in your Sectormentor web app dashboard, where you can compare these key phenological dates over time. This tool is a really handy way to visualise the patterns of your vineyard!

What to record

Record activity (e.g. ‘Bud Burst’)

Make notes: Anything interesting you’ve noticed!



A smartphone (with Sectormentor downloaded)

How to do the test

1. Head to the sample bay (or block / vine), and scan the RFID tag in the correct location, or click on the relevant site in your app.

2. Record the relevant activity that you can observe – e.g. add ‘bud burst’ for block ‘Chardonnay 95’ (Sectormentor will automatically record the date as today unless you specify another date.

3. Make any relevant notes you may have observed – e.g. ‘Late start due to cold Spring’.

4. Take a photo! It will be useful to look back on photos in the future for comparison and context.

5. Done! Remember to ‘Sync’ your app so you can visualise what you’ve added in the Phenology Tool.