Number of dead or missing vines

At the end of each season it’s important to record the total number of dead or missing vines within each block. This allows you to calculate the actual number of vines per acre / Ha in a block, rather than the number that were originally planted.

Just 5% missing vines can skew other predictions – e.g. the number of missing vines is brought into the Sectormentor Yield Predictor, and can also help with your replanting strategies.

Recording dead and missing vines in your vineyard also contributes to the Sectormentor Vine Health Indicator, where you can track the number of dead and missing vines each year, and view your vine health as a graph.

What to record

Total no. of dead or missing vines (per block, per season)

Make notes: A tally as you go or other observations



A smartphone (with Sectormentor downloaded)