How to set classifiers for the Regen Platform

Which biome should I choose?

We’ve pulled together six main biomes across the world – look at the map to find out which one your soil belongs to.
N.B. If your site isn’t mapped with a biome on the map, make a decision based on your understanding of your climate and landscape.

When we set up your Sectormentor account, we’ll assign you a biome based your vineyard’s location. If you want to choose your own biome, or change what you have been assigned, get in touch with us at and we’ll update your account!

Which soil type best describes my soil sample sites?

The soil texture you choose to label your sample sites with affects how the Regen Platform interprets your results, so your Regen Dashboard won’t appear unless you’ve added these details to the samples you have collected soil health results for.

Set the soil texture for each of your sample sites while logged in to your web app here, or in the ‘details’ area of your phone app. Use the list below to choose the soil texture you feel best describes your soil, or makes up the majority of your soil profile:

Soil texture:

  • Heavy = Clay, Clay loam
  • Medium = Silty loam, Loamy clay, Silt, Loam, Silty clay loam, Sandy clay
  • Light = Sand, Sandy loam

Which rainfall best describes my sites?

Your rainfall level will affect how the Regen Platform will interpret your results – choose the annual rainfall level for your farm from the list below, based on the biome that you’re in, to activate the Regen Dashboard on your account.

Set the rainfall of your fields while logged in to your web app here, or in the ‘details’ area of your mobile app.

Temperate forests

  • Low = Under 900 mm/year
  • Medium = 900-1250 mm/year
  • High = More than 1250 mm/year

Mediterranean forests, woodlands & scrub

  • Low = Under 600 mm/year
  • Medium = 600-1300 mm/year
  • High = More than 1300 mm/year

Montane grasslands & shrublands

  • Low = Under 1000 mm/year
  • Medium = 1000-1800 mm/year
  • High = More than 1800 mm/year

Tropical & sub-tropical forests

  • Low = Under 900 mm/year
  • Medium = 900-5000 mm/year
  • High = More than 5000 mm/year

Tropical & sub-tropical grasslands, savannahs & shrublands

  • Low = Under 750 mm/year
  • Medium = 750-1100 mm/year
  • High = More than 1100 mm/year

Temperate & semi-arid grasslands, savannas & shrublands

  • Low = Under 600 mm/year
  • Medium = 600-900 mm/year
  • High = More than 900 mm/year