Harvest Tracker

Monitor in real-time how this year’s harvest is adding up and how much you predict is left to come for each block.  

 After harvest, learn which blocks yielded more or less than predicted and easily compare yield/hectare (or acre) for each block to make better management decisions going forward.

How are people using this tool?
The yield per hectare/acre lets you compare the productivity of each block, and gives you an understanding of how each variety, rootstock, or clone performed this year. You can quickly and easily spot if there are any problem blocks and decide on actions to take for the next season.

Optimise yield prediction

After harvest, you can see the total amount picked per block, helping to understand the profitability of each block. You can also see how actual yields compared to your predictions, an important step in improving your yield predictions for future years.

Monitor harvest in real time

During harvest, at a glance you can see how much has been picked so far giving you a quick overview of how the harvest team are getting on and how things are progressing in relation to what you had predicted.


Many vineyard managers have told us how important yield/hectare (or acre) is, as it allows them to benchmark their vines against other vineyards, and can often be a better indicator of a good or bad cropping year.

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