Phenology Report

Immediately visualise the progress of your vineyard so far this season. View key phenology dates and how they relate to Growing Degree Days (GDD) to build up a clear picture of your vineyard each season.

Easily compare this year with previous seasons – is flowering ahead of last year? How much? Are you on track for an early harvest? The answers are all there in the Phenology Tool.

Top-quality viticulturist Matt Strugnell from the award-winning Ridgeview Wine Estate shares how Sectormentor helps ensure they have the best quality grapes:
“I’ve been at Ridgeview about 20 years. Pretty early on I realised that collecting key information about the vineyard is vital so you can plan well ahead and get your timings right.
I had an inkling for a while that flowering and harvest dates were very closely related but all the information was spread across so many different spreadsheets it was very difficult to compare year to year. Plus looking at endless numbers and dates isn’t that helpful, I need to see things in a visual format.
With the Sectormentor Phenology Tool that has all changed, I can immediately see there is an incredibly consistent relationship between flowering and harvest dates over many years, for each block. I now feel confident that when we reach 50% flowering I can pick up the phone to our contractor and let them know which week we will need a harvesting team – ensuring I’m booked in well ahead of time. I also think the combined phenology and GDD graphs will help us do even more forward planning as we see trends emerging there.
It’s a real relief that all our data is in one place. Now, at a glance I can see how the season is progressing so far and how it compares to past years. This allows us to make more informed management decisions, plan well ahead and means I can be confident we are doing everything we can to produce the best quality grapes which is of utmost importance to our business.”
Matt Strugnell, Ridgeview Wine Estate

Visualise the season

Use the Phenology Tool to visualise key dates in the growing season, such as bud burst, flowering, veraison, and picking all plotted alongside cumulative GDD.

Compare past seasons

Key phenology dates can be compared between seasons, so you can learn how these phenological dates are related for a specific block (not just the industry average number of days). You can view single blocks, or view your whole vineyard and compare phenological progress between different years on one chart.

GDD and weather data

You can now upload your weather data into Sectormentor and see how your GDD links to phenology dates in your vineyard.

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