Vine Health Indicator

Easily observe trends in pruning weights, % of short shoots, vine vigour and number of dead vines to monitor the health of each block. 

Use the health graphs for each block to help adapt your management and see issues years before they become visible.

Acclaimed vintner, Dan Rinke, tells us how he uses the vine health indicators to manage his 90 acre biodynamic vineyard:
“I know if my cane weights are lighter I need to apply heavier compost, or run animals in that part of the vineyard to get the biology and nutrition cycling better. Being able to compare how they change year on year so easily with Sectormentor makes it easy for me to make the best decisions for the long term health of the vines.”
Dan Rinke, Johan Vineyards, USA

Observe trends in Pruning Weights

Observing how pruning weights change from one growing season to the next is an early indicator of vine health. If the pruning weights in one block declines, it’s an early warning sign that the vines aren’t getting everything they need. The Vine Health Indicator makes this immediately visible, as soon as pruning weights are recorded in the field, you can view the trends for each block and respond accordingly for your management in the season ahead.

Compare Cane Weights

Cane weights can be used to compare vigour of similar vines on different sites, or to benchmark vine vigour between blocks. The Vine Health Indicator shows how cane weights are developing season to season in each block. Having that immediately available can help decide how many buds to prune to – e.g. to make sure leaf growth is controlled for vines with high vigour, you could prune for more buds.

Learn from Crop Load

Crop Load is the balance between reproductive growth (yield) and vegetative growth (pruning weight). It’s a useful measure that indicates vine balance and has also been closely linked to grape quality. The Vine Heath Indicator automatically calculates and displays your crop load for each block from your harvest and pruning weights.

Visualise percentage of dead or missing vines

Keep track of all dead or missing vines each season, and use this tool to monitor how the percentage is changing year on year – another good indication of any issues in a block. The tool uses the last recorded number of dead or missing vines as the number for that season. So if you counted this twice (or more)  in the season then we will use the most recent count here.

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