Weather Stations

We are working with the following weather station providers to enable your key weather data to be automatically synced with Sectormentor on a daily basis.

For all other weather station providers you can upload a csv file with your weather data.

Sencrop aims to provide all farmers with affordable, easy-to-use technology to collect and manage weather data from their fields with precision. Connected to a user-friendly application, Sencrop weather stations — wireless rain gauges, anemometers, leaf wetness sensors — provide high-quality, local measurements so that farmers can track their data in real time, set alerts, and react quickly in case of risks to crops. Grape vines are particularly sensitive to weather conditions. Several key factors (rain, humidity, and temperature) impact the development of diseases, affecting grape quality and yield.
The stations’ data can be connected to disease or farm management models. In 2 clicks, growers can link their Sencrop data to the Sectormentor platform to help them make the most of their weather data and reduce their crop risks. The Sencrop collaborative network has reached 15,000 stations and links farmers in a way that has never been seen before in the UK.

  • 24/7 data from your fields: Real-time local weather data
  • Takes action with confidence: Spray at the right time
  • Easy installation: Live data within 15 minutes
  • Easy maintenance: 2-year warranty, 3 years battery life
  • Sturdy construction: Portable between fields

“It’s just given me more information at my fingertips that help me make daily decisions.”

Jonathan Lukies, Hertfordshire England

The Trak365 Weather Station is built up of a combination of significant meteorological sensors as well as the Trak365 microclimate temp/humidity wireless endpoints, which can support any growers granular view of their crop.
The combination of real time data from sensors and precision farming wireless endpoints, blended with subject matter expertise assists in more effective operational management insights and decisions.
The Precision Intelligence is at the edge and enables real time heat maps to manage and mitigate weather events like; frost, high wind, precipitation, and leaf wetness. All provided in the Trak365 solution

  • Agritech
  • Viticulture & top fruit
  • Aquaculture
  • Irrigation
  • LoRaWAN
  • Over-The-Air configuration
  • Data Source

“Very pleased with both the Weather Station and the sensors. The sensors were invaluable last year during May and enabled us in real time to direct our bougies as the frost came in and swept over the vineyard.  We were able to pinpoint very exactly where the coldest parts of the vineyard were and timed the lighting of our candles so as to enable us to maximise their burning time over the three nights of heavy frost we endured.  We suffered very little vine damage as a result. The all in one Trak365 Weather Station we have had for less time but it has also been useful for end of season spraying – understanding the wind direction and speed.”

David Trott, Dillions Vineyard

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