Use maps to save your sample locations

Use maps to save your sample locations 1418 705 Sectormentor

We’ve got fanmapstic news! GPS mapping for sample points on Sectormentor for Vines is now available for iPhone and Android! This makes it really easy to come back to the same sample sites when monitoring your vines.

What does this mean?

For every sample site a GPS location can be saved using the Sectormentor for Vines app and viewed on the map. Using the map on your phone app, you can see your current location and where each sample site is, making it easier to follow the map on your phone to the bay that you need to monitor. Plus if you are already in the map view, you can just click on the pin and it will allow you to start entering information for that sample bay, all from the map view.

Why does this matter?

Coming back to the same sample sites when monitoring information on your vines is important, it helps you to maintain more reliable results year on year. With GPS you can locate your samples sites and contactless tags much more easily, as you can use the map to see the closest sample site around you and where to go next.

It’s also very helpful for people who don’t know the vineyard as well, helping them find their way around and quickly know where they should go, for example to do a flower count, or which bays they need to record pruning weights in.

Got any questions about GPS and using Sectormentor for Vines to monitor your vineyard? Contact us!