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Online demo: using Sectormentor to support vineyard management 

1 hour // Tuesday 4th of June // 7:30 pm Auckland time (NZST)

Sign up to learn from a demo of Sectormentor’s main features and benefits for vineyard management. Sectormentor is a powerful viticulture app that makes it easy to record in-field results and instantly transform them into reports to make informed management decisions. Sectormentor saves time and money, and allows you to create an invaluable log of observations to refer back to over time. 

Sectormentor also provides the flexibility to customise recording options to fit your needs and keep your data in one place. It includes the following tool kit:

  • Yield Predictor
  • Harvest Tracker
  • Vine Health Indicator
  • Phenology & GDD tracker
  • Grape Ripeness Indicator
  • Vineyard mapping & photo diary
  • Biodiversity and soil health trackers
Tracking phenology alongside GDD on Sectormentor
The Sectormentor Yield Predictor tool

Who are we?

Vidacycle develops tools to support a more regenerative approach to farming, including Sectormentor, our app that makes it easy to listen, learn and work with natural systems – helping vintners produce top quality grapes and farm regeneratively.

Vidacycle was born from a 12 hectare family farm in Chile. As fellow farmers we fully understand the joys and difficulties of farming. We also understand the need to have diversified, resilient farming businesses. We created these apps originally for our own farm, but after talking to neighbours we realised that no one is making digital tools like ours. So we started to share what we made with farmers in Chile, then in the UK, where half of the family (and much of our small team) are based. We now have a community of vineyards, orchards and farmers using our apps across the world.